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Asbestos Awareness Training


Who should attend?

It is a legal requirement that anyone you may come into contact with or may disturb asbestos during the course of their work, and/or anyone who supervises such people, must receive appropriate Asbestos Awareness Training.

Typical people who need this training are the trades….electricians, joiners, plumbers, installations, maintenance staff and their supervisors etc.

1/2 day course fee range for training provided at your premises or a venue of your choice including Saturdays

Upto 3 people = £235+vat
4 people = £270+vat
5 people = £305+vat
6 people = £340+vat
7 to 20 people = £375+vat


Course aims

To understand the risks of asbestos exposure including the increased risk for smokers and to be better able to recognise different types of asbestos containing material (ACM)… that they can avoid them!

To have an understanding of the key regulations that apply to them as an individual or as a company. To know what to do if they suspect or have disturbed asbestos.

The training

It is a half day (4hr) presentation that does more that what is required by the regulations; it provides a more fuller picture of the asbestos situation that the UK finds itself in today.

Asbestos Awareness Training Itinerary

  • Video “Mesothelioma - the human face of an asbestos epidemic”
  • What is Asbestos?
  • Health effects (inc Macmillan video  (Oncologist))
  • HSE Video “How are you Today?”
  • Photo’s of typical asbestos containing materials (ACM’s)
  • Typical locations of ACM’s within buildings
  • Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 Reg’s 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Types & limitations of Asbestos Survey
  • Pre-works checks
  • What to do if you suspect/disturb Asbestos
  • Question & answer session; sources of further in information
  • Certificate of attendance with a review date of 2 years

The training can include details of your organisation's policies and procedures and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Refresher training required; the certificates have a review date of 2 years – your H&S Manager should provide a tool box talk using our handouts to refresh the subject at least 1 year after training - after 2 years certified refresher training should be provided. Please note that some contractors/councils etc insist on certified training annually.

IATP JB Asbestos Management Ltd is part of the Independent Asbestos Training Providers which ensures that the training provided complies fully with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, by annual external audit. As an asbestos management company we can provide the “full picture” and answer all of your queries on the day.

“We have used your services  over a two year period and have been extremely  pleased with the professionalism  exhibited  in the delivery and execution  of the course content Your flexibility to attend  the clients premises and at a mutually agreed time has been well received .
We will continue to use your services going forward”
Nigel Brooker - Account Manager, All Emergency Services Ltd


“We have had the pleasure of using Jeff and JB Asbestos for all our Asbestos training and surveying. We recommend him to all our clients for his knowledge, experience and professionalism which is second to none.

As health and safety consultants we are only too aware for the requirements of training within the construction industry and the cost to the employer of sending operatives off for training at set locations. This online course allows the operative to undertake at any given time and not in one go.

The online asbestos awareness training is clear in its content and easily digestible and we will be recommending it to all clients and their operatives.”
Jonny Goodyer - for and on behalf of SALVUS ASSOCIATES LTD 




For the individual or smaller groups open Asbestos courses are available in Cheshire

Venue Date Time Costs

What Asbestos training is right for me?

Online Training
Online Asbestos Training
Category A Asbestos Awareness Training online.


Non-licensed Training
Non-licensed Asbestos Training
If you’re working with or removing asbestos; tradesmen, installations etc. and their supervisors


Management Training
Asbestos Management Training
If you’re managing asbestos in premises built before 2000


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Asbestos Training Provider
Our training is delivered by working Asbestos Consultant who gives an honest insight into the theory and the reality of the asbestos regulations and the asbestos epidemic that the UK finds itself in today.  Certain training providers are classroom based and only provide the theory behind the subject.

As an asbestos management company we can answer all your asbestos related questions during the training and provide guidance that relates to your business. To do this he utilises both HSE produced videos and charity produced videos which includes interviews with a leading Oncologist and Mesothelioma sufferers.

Independant Asbestos Training Providers
IATP & HSE Campaigns

JB Asbestos Management Ltd provides flexible training solutions to meet your companies needs UK wide. We specialise in providing the training at your premises to help reduce your company down time and it’s carbon footprint. We can help with all your asbestos surveying, management & training needs.

We actively support HSE Campaigns Including the 2011 HSE Asbestos Training Pledge via our association with the IATP . We also support asbestos related organisations and charities.