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The Common Sense Approach to Asbestos Management
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Asbestos Management Training

Asbestos management training is for those responsible for premises where Regulation 4 “The Duty to Manage” applies. It takes a step-by-step approach to forming a suitable Asbestos Management Plan that complies with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

The Asbestos management training describes and shows how to use the guidance and tools that have been produced by the HSE to help you meet your responsibilities i.e. to manage asbestos effectively and safely.

The Duty to Manage applies to all non-domestic properties within the UK built before 2000. A non-domestic property is anything from a church to a hospital, a prison, a ship, your local pub and shopping centre. Anywhere where there is communal access; so although it wouldn’t apply to individual flats it would apply to stairwells or shared utility space.  

Generally if you have a responsibility for the upkeep of your premises then you are the duty holder and have a duty of care for your asbestos risks in the same way that you have a duty of care for any other hazards at your premises i.e. electric, chemical and fire.

The training is in 2 parts; the 1st is asbestos awareness training, a 4hr session to learn the risks from asbestos exposure, to be better able to recognise typical asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) and to know typical locations where you can find them.

The 2nd part on an afternoon session looks at the necessary steps to take to complete your plan and be managing your asbestos effectively. An Asbestos Management Plan is a “live” document that describes and records how you are managing asbestos containing materials over time.

Free asbestos management plan template

Included in the training fee is an asbestos management plan template; the management plan template includes an asbestos management policy document, a permit to work system, prioritised asbestos register, diary of events, asbestos monitoring record sheet and a contractor checklist sheet. This template will help you to quickly get your asbestos manage plan into action and save you valuable time and resource. Also, by having the training at your premises we can better help you review your asbestos situation and give appropriate guidance.

Further information & guidance
As this training includes Asbestos Awareness, you have options, I.E:

Have the training for your management team at your premises for a fee of £495+vat for the day for up to 6 attendees (POA for larger groups)


Have a group session at your premises for Asbestos Awareness in the morning for you and your staff and an afternoon session for just your management team

Example price
Total number for the day = 6-20
Asbestos Awareness = £375+vat

0 -6 of the group take afternoon
Management session = £250+vat
Total = £625+vat


The training includes:


Morning session

Afternoon Session

For the individual or smaller groups open Asbestos courses are available in Cheshire

Venue Date Time Costs

What Asbestos training is right for me?

Awareness Training
Asbestos Awareness Training
Basic Asbestos Awareness for tradesmen, installations etc and their supervisors


Online Training
Online Asbestos Training
Category A Asbestos Awareness Training online.


Non-licensed Training
Non-licensed Asbestos Training
If you’re working with or removing asbestos; tradesmen, installations etc. and their supervisors


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