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The Common Sense Approach to Asbestos Management
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Non-licensed Asbestos Works Training
(Includes Asbestos Awareness)

Anyone who carries out any work which may disturb asbestos, or supervises those who do, must receive non-licensed asbestos works training.

The training is the framework for non-licensed works; it utilises the HSE publication “Asbestos Essentials Task Manual” which includes details of approved codes of practice for job specific tasks. It would become your main reference point for carrying out non-licensed asbestos works.

1 day course fee (Asbestos Awareness on a morning session & Non-licensed works on an afternoon session) for training provided at your premises or a venue of your choice including Saturdays

Up to 3 =£380+vat
4 =£430+vat
5 = £480+vat
6 = £530+vat
7 -15 = £580+vat


The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 states that you must be competent to work on non-licensed asbestos; the training alone does not make you competent; competency comes from receiving the training and following the approved codes of practice every time.

Non-licensed training includes and builds on Asbestos Awareness Training and provides the fundamentals of non-licensed asbestos works. The fees to the right include both Asbestos Awareness Training and Non-licensed Asbestos Works Training;

For the individual or smaller groups open courses are available in Cheshire

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What Asbestos training is right for me?

Awareness Training
Asbestos Awareness Training
Basic Asbestos Awareness for tradesmen, installations etc and their supervisors


Online Training
Online Asbestos Training
Category A Asbestos Awareness Training online.


Management Training
Asbestos Management Training
If you’re managing asbestos in premises built before 2000


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