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Nationwide Flexible Asbestos Training Solutions


Nationwide Flexible Asbestos Training Solutions

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Asbestos Awareness Training is a legal requirement for those who may disturb asbestos containing materials (ACM’s), or for those who supervise such people that may.

Also anyone who is required to work with ACM’s or for those who supervise such people who do, must have Non-licensed Asbestos Works Training (asbestos removal training, drilling ,repairs etc.) so that the work is carried out to HSE guidance and using appropriate RPE & PPE.

We will provide Asbestos Awareness Training, Non-licensed Asbestos Works Training (asbestos removal training) and Asbestos Management Training at your premises or a venue of your choice at a time and date of your choosing (subject to availability) to minimise the disruption to your business.

The training can be provided in the day, in the evening and at weekends; multiple sessions can be provided on the same day or on different dates. We are totally flexible to meet your requirements.

Asbestos open Asbestos Training Events in Cheshire
For the individual or smaller groups training can be provided in Cheshire on one of our open events; see the appropriate training page for dates and costs.

What Asbestos training is right for me?

Awareness Training
Asbestos Awareness Training
Basic Asbestos Awareness for tradesmen, installations etc and their supervisors


Online Training
Online Asbestos Training
Category A Asbestos Awareness Training online.


Non-licensed Training
Non-licensed Asbestos Training
If you’re working with or removing asbestos; tradesmen, installations etc. and their supervisors


Management Training
Asbestos Management Training
If you’re managing asbestos in premises built before 2000


Asbestos Training Provider
Our training is delivered by working Asbestos Consultant who gives an honest insight into the theory and the reality of the asbestos regulations and the asbestos epidemic that the UK finds itself in today.  Certain training providers are classroom based and only provide the theory behind the subject.

As an asbestos management company we can answer all your asbestos related questions during the training and provide guidance that relates to your business. To do this he utilises both HSE produced videos and charity produced videos which includes interviews with a leading Oncologist and Mesothelioma sufferers.

Independant Asbestos Training Providers
IATP & HSE Campaigns

JB Asbestos Management Ltd provides flexible training solutions to meet your companies needs UK wide. We specialise in providing the training at your premises to help reduce your company down time and it’s carbon footprint. We can help with all your asbestos surveying, management & training needs.

We actively support HSE Campaigns Including the 2011 HSE Asbestos Training Pledge via our association with the IATP . We also support asbestos related organisations and charities.


View our short video highlighting the legal requirement for asbestos awareness training in the UK 

View our video presentation showing photos of asbestos containing materials and where they can be found in buildings.