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We provide a no obligation quotation service to clients and Asbestos surveys are carried out by our professionally trained Asbestos surveyors. All surveys are undertaken in accordance with HSG264 and comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

We offer independent, impartial asbestos surveys on a nationwide basis. Surveyors are fully insured and qualified to both BOHS P402 & P405 level.
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Asbestos Management Surveys

The purpose of the survey is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence of any suspect ACM’s in the property.

An Asbestos Management Survey is the standard survey for an occupied property and the first step in asbestos management within a property. It is a non-destructive survey although destructive techniques can be employed in certain areas at the request of the client.

All suspect ACM’s are sampled if safe to do so and sent for analysis. If sample taking is not appropriate then the material will be presumed to contain asbestos until such time as it is appropriate to sample.

Proven and presumed ACM’s would be subject to a risk assessment and recommendations on the management or removal made.
We also can provide training to help you form your own Asbestos Management Plan" with a link to its training page

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Asbestos Management Plans

The purpose of the Asbestos Management Plan is the ongoing management of the ACM’s reported by the Asbestos Management Survey. 

JB Asbestos Management Ltd can provide a management plan that includes

  1. An asbestos policy document
  2. A permit to work system
  3. A prioritised Asbestos Register with appropriate guidance
  4. A diary of events recording the asbestos management activities
  5. Site drawings

The management plan would include routine monitoring by the client of the ACM’s. JB Asbestos Management Ltd would also periodically review the management plan, re-inspect the ACM’s condition, make any recommendations and update the management plan accordingly.

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Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys

The purpose of the survey is to locate and quantify all suspect ACM’s prior to refurbishment or demolition. It is a fully intrusive, destructive survey of an unoccupied property or area. Usually no risk assessments are carried out as all ACM’s will be removed to allow the refurbishment or demolition to take place. The report can be used by a removal company to quote for the asbestos removal works.

Although different types of survey can be specified and used depending on the requirements of the client, it is important that the client and surveyor have a common understanding of what is expected and how the findings will be used.

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“We have used your services  over a two year period and have been extremely  pleased with the professionalism  exhibited  in the delivery and execution  of the course content Your flexibility to attend  the clients premises and at a mutually agreed time has been well received .
We will continue to use your services going forward”
Nigel Brooker - Account Manager, All Emergency Services Ltd

“We have had the pleasure of using Jeff and JB Asbestos for all our Asbestos training and surveying. We recommend him to all our clients for his knowledge, experience and professionalism which is second to none.

As health and safety consultants we are only too aware for the requirements of training within the construction industry and the cost to the employer of sending operatives off for training at set locations. This online course allows the operative to undertake at any given time and not in one go.

The online asbestos awareness training is clear in its content and easily digestible and we will be recommending it to all clients and their operatives.”
Jonny Goodyer - for and on behalf of SALVUS ASSOCIATES LTD 

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Founded in 2005 and based in Middlewich, Cheshire we deliver quality solutions in a prompt, professional manner. Whether you’re looking for Asbestos training for one or two people or a larger group we can take care of your Asbestos training requirements.

Experienced in asbestos management and training, we offer a wide range of services including:

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